Cylerdent is a self contained cost effective combination, brush safe, sanitizer and brush head cleaner all in one compact unit. The device uses no power other than manual dexterity to sanitize and clean through the brush head. The cleaning action takes place each time the brush is returned to the unit and the cap replaced. The action is caused by the shuttle moving downwards when the brush is depressed and the liquid sanitizer forces hydraulically through a series of holes in the shuttle. The resulting action "jet" fluid under pressure through the brush head releasing trapped food particles and other debris from within the brush head filaments.

The Cylerdent unit is also ideal to use with just the sanitizing liquid for just a midday clean between the main clean in the morning and last thing at night and also prior to going to the dentist from work or just a 'freshen up' before a meeting etc. Cylerdent can also be used regularly to clean dental attachments / braces etc in schoolchildren and adults.

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Cylerdent Toothbrushes

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